The Cracked Egg
701 Parkway Ave So.
Lanesboro, MN  55949

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 6am to 2pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 6am to 2pm
Sunday - 7am to 1pm

Breakfast served all day.
Noon Specials

Reasonable Prices and the Sales Tax is included in Your Price

Our Story

Adam Mindrum is the new owner of The Cracked Egg, what was formerly the Chat 'N' Chew

The Cracked Egg restaurant is located next to the BP gas station in Lanesboro, MN on HWY 16 at 701 Parkway Ave South. They are open Monday through Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. They serve breakfast, noon specials, burgers and many other delicious family restaurant food choices

It's interesting circumstance can direct one's life in an unexpected way. Adam Mindrum certainly did not expect to be a business owner in Lanesboro, but that's exactly what he has become.

He and his family moved to Lanesboro from Minneapolis when he was 4 years old and they have lived here since. He attended the Lanesboro Public School and he began trying his hand as a cook in one of Lanesboro's restaurants before it was replaced by Pedal Pushers.

"I've been a cook for about 10 years at least, mostly at the Old Barn," Mindrum said.

He had spent his career in the kitchen learning how to cook and, just as importantly, what to cook mostly on the job as a line chef.

The Chat 'N' Chew went on the market a few years ago, but it wasn’t until around February when Mindrum and his family looked into buying the restaurant.

Mindrum's mother, Mindy Gullickson, was the catalyst for his purchasing the restaurant.

"She thought it would be a good living for me and I could show people what I can do," Mindrum related.

By the time February rolled around, Mindrom and his family began talking about buying the old Chat 'N' Chew and finalized the purchase within a couple of months, much more quickly than they expected. By April 13, they had the keys. Two weeks later, they opened for business on April 27.

"We thought this would be a good place and the price was right," Mindrum said.

When he purchased the restaurant, he did change its name from the Chat 'N' Chew to Cracked Egg. It has a two-fold meaning, interestingly enough.

"It fits with what I do every morning," Mindrum explained. But it also reflects how he still cannot believe that he made the decision to own a business.

He has been settling into his new role as a business owner, but his family has been there right by his side the whole way.

His new position is something to get used to, as the boss and cook, but that is not the only challenge. Another is getting people to realize Cracked Egg is in fact a different restaurant. Many of the dishes might be the same as served before Mindrum purchased it, including omelets, eggs and hash browns, but he is hoping to introduce a few more interesting food options for people to choose from for a younger clientele.

Mindrum reports that business has gone very well. The restaurant has been busy with people coming in to eat in a small or large group.

"I hope to grow the restaurant and provide the community with good meals," he concluded.